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Fine Tuned

Meet Rosh Kollel and pianist Rabbi Dovid Lipson

It is unusual to see a Rosh Kollel performing as a piano maestro, but there is one individual who converges the two — Rabbi Dovid Lipson, a noted talmid chacham. As a concert pianist, Rabbi Dovid Lipson performs in what appears to be long black tails, but what is actually the Rosh Kollel’s black kapote.


Seated at the piano, he sways with intensity, moving to the powerful feelings and his incredible interpretation of the beautiful music he skillfully plays.And what is the goal of Rabbi Lipson’s concerts? To help fund his kollel in Ramot, Kollel Aliyos Shlomo.“It was never my own idea to use music for Torah,” explains Rabbi Lipson. “I was pushed into it by friends who argued that since there are those supporting the Kollel, why not give something tangible back?”


And that is how Rabbi Lipson’s concerts began.

Please click on the PDF for full article as seen in HAMODIA INYAN MAGAZINE

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