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A Kollel with a Curriculum

Aliyos Shlomo is distinguished for its highly structured CURRICULUM, combining three critical elements: 


  • DEPTH: All learning is בעיון ,with the analytical approach promulgated by all major Yeshivos.


  • PACE: There is a set pace of 5-6 blatt (גמרא רש"י תוס' רא"ש ר"ן ורי"ף) month a which must be adhered to by all students.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: The program includes mandatory monthly חזרה and a monthly בחינה fostering mastery of all the material covered. As a result, the student emerges after each month with LUCID COMPREHENSION of the relevant issues and halachos.

     Aliyos Shlomo emphasizes and encourages sharing of ideas among the members of the group. Thus, time is divided between learning b'chavrusa and learning through group discussion.


     Special weekly shiurim חבורות  are prepared by students and faculty, thus requiring each participant to share and deliberate on the ideas of his fellows. At Aliyos Shlomo there is a weekly round-table discussion of ruchnius goals, based on classical ספרי השקפה.
Aliyos Shlomo concentrates the equivalent of a full day's curriculum into an intensive four-hour study session. This unique arrangement allows the student time to devote to independent research, or to participate in and benefit from other less demanding Torah programs.


     There is also an optional afternoon program for those students who wish to devote a full day to the project.

     By systematic adherence to the highest standards and demands, Aliyos Shlomo continues to attract unusually talented and serious talmidei chachomim, some of them world-class scholars, and this in turn raises the level of the program many-fold.

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